Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Year 12 @ The Global Academy so far

Much of this, and when I say that I mean, all of this is going to be a copy and paste of my LinkedIn. That's just where I've been doing things until now. With a blog you're able to be much less formal than you are on Linkedin and you can say what you actually think! and it's mainly so I can look back and see exactly what I've done in the past and improve on it. So without anymore hesitation let's get on with it.

I am a Year 12 student at the Global Academy. I dived straight into the deep end during year 12 attending events, meeting industry professionals and learning industry software such as Zetta & GSelector.  I have also written many articles for the school magazine which you can see on the academy's website.

During my first few two weeks at the academy, I had the opportunity to be invited along to the Global newsroom awards which were being held at the academy. This allowed me to be introduced to James O' Brien, who was there doing a Q&A and James Rea, the managing editor at LBC & Heart. This opportunity gave me a chance to talk to people who had the job that I wish to have in the future and was an interesting and informative experience.

I also took the opportunity to be involved in the 2017 Global Academy advert, this was an amazing insight into how adverts are produced. It was also an amazing opportunity to get my voice in an industry advert

In November, the annual RAIN conference for Europe was held in the British Museum. We, as students, were offered tickets to the event and I decided I would like to go along and see what it was all about. I learned so much about Podcasting, the future of radio and how devices such as the Google Home and the Amazon Echo are changing the way we look at audio and audio advertising for the better. We also learned how the audio advertising sector is embracing new technology to make their ads as effective as possible.

Even though I am not a brand ambassador, you will see me helping out at many open days talking to parents about the amazing opportunities and facilities we get access to. In January, I took the opportunity to join the "Tech Team" as part of the videography department.

In May 2018 I took the opportunity to attend Tuning In 2018 held during radio audio week and Q1 Rajar day. I learnt something from every single one of the speeches and learnt about a competition  opening in October of 2018 for 8 - 18 year olds.

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