Tuesday, June 12, 2018

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W/C 16th April – Brief 

Idea development was the focus this week. I first wanted to do a documentary on accessibility on the London transport network as many people benefit from increased accessibility. However, my talent lies in audio and I have skills in Audition, Zetta & GSelector which would help me on my new Idea of making a radio station.

W/C 2nd April – Proposal

My initial idea was to make up a pop up radio station for world vinyl day. When it came down to it, Vinyl would have to be converted into digital to be broadcast and would defeat the purpose of the station. The idea I went with was a community radio for the TruckersMP community, which is a multiplayer game on the internet that can be played by anyone who owns the games Euro Truck Simulator 2 & American Truck Simulator. This is something I have knowledge on, having presented on one of the community radio stations and been in the community for just over 3 years.

W/C 30th April – Pitch

By this point I had strong foundations for my idea. I made a "bare bones" script to prompt me on the points I needed to make and ensure I didn't go off topic while filming, also to make sure everything that needed to be included was.

W/C 7th May – Research

The focus this week was on Research. I decided to create a survey of initial questions which would answer the below queries: 
  • How many hours of music at a minimum I need to make my station sound unrepetitive to a majority of the audience? 
  • What type of music should be playlisted to make it relevant to my competition? 
  • What/Who is my main competition? 
  • What content does the audience like and what don’t they like? 
The answers I received were more than satisfactory and solved all the queries I had. This will help me as I progress into production. A link to the original survey can be found here: https://goo.gl/9rvg6s

W/C 14th May – Research
Further audience research and auditory testing. I used last weeks research to limit the genre of songs, this was so that I could make my station sound as relevant to my audience as possible. This would ensure loyal listenership and also give my station a competitive edge as the music played will be more relevant to my audience.

For my auditory research, I downloaded the complete song and used audition to cut them up into the hooks as the hook is the most memorable part of the song. You can see all audio files on the form here - https://goo.gl/bNcXwA

I then found that Microsoft Forms does not allow an audio upload and instead you have to upload them to YouTube. I used Adobe's media encoder to change them from .wav files to .mov files so that YouTube would recognise them as video and allow me to upload them which helped me to complete the auditory testing.

W/C 21st May – Start Production
Playlist was started. I used both audience research forms to further narrow down the exact songs that would be playlisted and once again, ensure loyal listenership. Playlist Spreadsheet - https://bit.ly/2sFfnDa
W/C 10th June – Production
This week was focused very much around GSelector, clocks and imaging. I made all six of the clocks needed to schedule music on the station. These consisted of; Breakfast, morning, afternoon, evening, overnight and automation clocks. The director of RCS UK, Jon Early, visited the Academy and gave us a tour of the software and demonstrated how to use it. RCS is the owner and creator of GSelector which is the tool used in radio to schedule the music for your station. You programme the information that it needs, such as clocks and goals. It will then schedule the music according to what you have programmed.

During the creation of my imaging I had a firm idea of what kind station sound I wanted to have. I thought and created these concepts over the week. Toward the end of the week, I started to edit them together in Adobe Audition, using the "Mike Russel" YouTube channel to help me with the technical details such as effects. I used the knowledge from my involvement in the student station "Youths Choice" to also help form this station sound. 

W/C 18th June - Production

This week was focused on planning the content that would be on my radio station. I used the logs that I created in GSelector to create an hour of automated radio output so that I could see what the station sounded like before it went live. I also created a script for the breakfast show so that the presenter could know what to say and would also allow me to see what the stations presenter led content would sound like.

Friday, May 18, 2018

VISIT FROM MAAJID NAWAZ - Article in Global Academy Magazine


LBC. Leading Britain’s Conversation. It’s something that doesn’t appeal to many young people. People tend to think that LBC is a “rolling news” station, and they’d be right, it can be, during exceptional circumstances, such as during any of the far too many terrorist attacks during last year. For the most part though it is, and I think Majid Nawaz put it in far better way I ever could during his visit, a “social action station”. 

Social action means the topics covered aren’t just to do with Brexit, Theresa May or inflation. Social action is opening a conversation about possible changes that could be made to society. This could be anything and everything that is likely to get a reaction from callers including Votes for 16 & 17-year old’s, Minimum wage and even highly controversial topics like switching of life support. 

Students at the academy had the pleasure of meeting Majid Nawaz, who presents a show on LBC during the weekend from 12 -  3pm. During his talk he gave us an insight into what LBC was all about and gave a talk about hate crime. As a person who held extremist views for 13 years in the past, that even managed to get him five-year stint in an Egypt prison, he was the best man for the job. 

Majid Nawaz now spends his life work attempting to prevent the radicalisation that he had been a victim of. He founded the think tank “Quilliam”, an organisation that labels itself as “The world’s first counter-extremist organisation”. He has held talks on the topic for the well-known, idea spreading organisation “TED”. 

It won’t hurt to turn the dial to 97.3, if people still use traditional radios these days, or press the play button on the LBC website. The even easier option, download the “Global Player” app on the Google Play or Apple App Store and switch over from Capital or Capital Xtra and have a listen for just two minutes. I’m sure your opinion of the station will change.  

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Year 12 @ The Global Academy so far

Much of this, and when I say that I mean, all of this is going to be a copy and paste of my LinkedIn. That's just where I've been doing things until now. With a blog you're able to be much less formal than you are on Linkedin and you can say what you actually think! and it's mainly so I can look back and see exactly what I've done in the past and improve on it. So without anymore hesitation let's get on with it.

I am a Year 12 student at the Global Academy. I dived straight into the deep end during year 12 attending events, meeting industry professionals and learning industry software such as Zetta & GSelector.  I have also written many articles for the school magazine which you can see on the academy's website.

During my first few two weeks at the academy, I had the opportunity to be invited along to the Global newsroom awards which were being held at the academy. This allowed me to be introduced to James O' Brien, who was there doing a Q&A and James Rea, the managing editor at LBC & Heart. This opportunity gave me a chance to talk to people who had the job that I wish to have in the future and was an interesting and informative experience.

I also took the opportunity to be involved in the 2017 Global Academy advert, this was an amazing insight into how adverts are produced. It was also an amazing opportunity to get my voice in an industry advert

In November, the annual RAIN conference for Europe was held in the British Museum. We, as students, were offered tickets to the event and I decided I would like to go along and see what it was all about. I learned so much about Podcasting, the future of radio and how devices such as the Google Home and the Amazon Echo are changing the way we look at audio and audio advertising for the better. We also learned how the audio advertising sector is embracing new technology to make their ads as effective as possible.

Even though I am not a brand ambassador, you will see me helping out at many open days talking to parents about the amazing opportunities and facilities we get access to. In January, I took the opportunity to join the "Tech Team" as part of the videography department.

In May 2018 I took the opportunity to attend Tuning In 2018 held during radio audio week and Q1 Rajar day. I learnt something from every single one of the speeches and learnt about a competition  opening in October of 2018 for 8 - 18 year olds.